Taste of Vinohrady with Miss Sophie (CZ)

Taste of Vinohrady with Miss Sophie (CZ)

A great way to explore a countries culture is through its cuisine, and the Czech Republic is no an exception. Some of the dishes are ideal to meet your desire for delicious comfort food, with dishes full over flavor – and carbs. It’s exactly what you want on a cold, winter day. However, these days, Prague food culture is becoming more diverse, with modern trends while still keeping the local spirit.

We know one of the main things when you search for during your visit to another city is a place where you can enjoy yourself in a comfortable atmosphere with good service and appetizing food. Czech traditional dishes are still a must-try, however we have prepared a guide to the different bistros, cafes and lunch spots in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Vinohrady. After all, fellow food lover, Miss Sophie feels the struggle of finding the best place to satisfy her cravings, so listen carefully…

Sweet & Pepper Days

This very peaceful cafe has a cozy atmosphere and vintage interior. When you want something quick, light and tasty, go for their delicious veggie and cream soups such as curried cauliflower or broccoli cheese (every day it is different!).  Don’t see what you like? Check the board for daily specialities. From falafels with a touch of the middle east to some tacos with latin flavors, you never know what the chef’s inspiration will be. You can also enjoy one of their many selections of local open sandwiches- this is an upgraded version of Czech snack, “chlebíčky” with more flavor – and less mayo! Gluten free? Meat free? Have no fear! They cater to all your different taste buds and dietary needs. On warm days, they open the street-side terrace for soaking in the sunshine.

Address: Anglická 390/19, Vinohrady
Hours: – Mon: 12:00-22:00 // Tue-Thu: 09:00-22:00 // Fri: 09:00-01:00 // Sat & Sun: 10:00-22:00


Mezi Srnky

This small, local bistro  is best known for their all-day brunch. Mezi Srnky, meaning ‘among the deer’ has an interesting concept, with the feeling of being at your friend’s home, with an open kitchen creating a cozy and familiar atmosphere. They have a variety of dishes for some light options as spring fruit bowl or if you are really hungry get fried eggs with spring salad and add on some extra bacon or goat cheese. Their use of only fresh ingredients makes this a local favorite.

Address: Sázavská 19
Hours: Mon-Fri: 07:30-18:00 // Sat & Sun- 09:00-16:00

Coffee Room

This great, little family spot in the neighborhood does amazing breakfasts, and their avocado toast is a must have! This place gives a true local taste, as  they always have freshly baked pastries which are made from the classic Czech recipes – and they even have vegan options! You can take away some goodies and enjoy later, we would understand.  While the menu here might be one of our faves in Vinohrady, their coffee might be even better. Serving locally roasted Coffee Source as well as specialty coffees from nearby roasters like The Barn, you won’t be disappointed. They are one of the best in Prague. Feeling adventurous? Try the beetroot latte!

Address: Korunní 1208/74
Hours: Mon- Sat: 8:00-18:30 // Sun- closed



Monolok’s minimalistic interior adds some elegant ambiance to this chic location.  It is the perfect place to relax after long day of walking, or catch up on work with your laptop, but let’s not forget the food – like those crunchy waffles that melt in your mouth. Maybe our favorite part – their breakfasts last all day and are made with love and quality ingredients. Or maybe a crispy Croque Madame or creamy scrambled eggs with mushrooms and truffle oil suits your fancy. Don’t forget to wash it down with a flat white or filtered coffee from local roastery, Coffee Source. During the summer months, enjoy your meal in the peaceful, airy courtyard and soak up the sunshine.

Address: Moravská 1540/18, Vinohrady
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00-22:00 // Sat & Sun- 09:00-19:00


This newly opened cafe sits on one of the liveliest squares in Prague. A hip vibe with brick walls, trendy lights, and airy windows spanning the entire wall, giving you a view of the square and passerby’s. What makes this cafe stand out from all the rest is the Vietnamese flavors present in most of the dishes- try the super-fresh mango salad, or a Bahn mi. Or, try one of their toasts that are almost too pretty to eat. Mashed avocados with poached egg and a few of pomegranate seeds – an insta-worthy dish in itself. As for cafe beverages, there is plenty to choose from. Some of the usual selections – flat white to drips, as well as matcha lattes and Vietnamese style coffees. Orders are made at the bar, then you are given a spoon with a number to take to your seat. Stick it in the cup of rice and your food will be brought to you! Try not to eat it all in one bite.

Just note that you can barely get a sit straight away but waiting really worth the wait!

Address: Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 1407/4
Hours: Mon- Sat: 08:00-21:00 // Sun : 10:00-19:30

Coffee Corner

This stylish bakery not only has good quality coffee with some seasonal specialities, but also amazing selection of home-made cakes. It is spacious with a contemporary and industrial design. The furniture is mismatched, creating an atmosphere of artsy chaos that matches the artwork on the walls. Their menu is full of healthy options for anything from breakfast to lunch – or brunch! My choice would be Eggs Benedict, not classic in composition but really worth it! Definitely try the chicken avocado salad, with chili and mango – a bit spicy but at the same time sweet. To add on to your tasty food try their seasonal homemade lemonades, or fresh smoothies.

Address: Korunní 1342/96
Hours: Mon- Sat: 08:00-22:00 // Sun : 09:30-20:00


Hashashira Bistro

This luncheonette evokes feelings of the Czech countryside with a rustic atmosphere. You can choose your portions depending on your level of hunger, which in our opinion is ideal. Hashashira Bistro is also a vegetarian/vegan-friendly place using only fresh products from local farms makes, to prepare tasty meals for you, it’s a must-not-miss lunch option. The cafe’s head chef is so passionate about cooking, he currently working on a soup recipe book with 365 kinds of soups for each day of the year. Sounds like a dream. They are not going to leave customers hungry, that is for sure.

Address: Španělská 2
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09:00-21:00 // Sat & Sun- closed

Le Caveau

This small French bakery serves some of the freshest baguettes and croissants in town. In addition to that, you can get fantastic breakfast with fresh juice and coffee or delicious focaccia with vegetables to go with a soup . Visiting later on in the evening? This elegant cafe also suits for a nice glass of wine before dinner. Bakery in the morning – winery in the evening! They serve select wine from various regions of France, Italy as well as  Moravia. Add some french cheese to accompany, and you will be in heaven. The vintage-y atmosphere evokes Parisienne feelings right in the heart of one of Prague’s most vibrant squares. The cafe’s perfect location, offers plenty of outdoor seating, right on the picturesque square.

Address: nám. J. z Poděbrad 1561/9
Hours: Mon- Sat: 08:00-22:30 // Sun: 14:00-20:30


La Gastronomica

I saved my favorite for last! This Italian paradise is full of cured meats, to-die-for cheeses, and a cannoli or two. They have a menu that you can choose from,  but moreover you can buy from the shop and take it with you. They serving in Italian style, where you can get small plates of salads, olives, cheese or other goodies by weight.  The ambiance of La Gastronomica is makes this spot memorable, but the outdoor seating might be our favorite part. Situated just across from the giant Zizkov Tower, letting you take in the neighborhood as you enjoy your aperitivo. This Italian heaven offers one of the best brunches in Prague, as well complete with their interpretation of our, fave Eggs Benedict and some fresh juice. Not feeling anything off their standard menu? Check their specials. There is always something delightful – bucatini with ragú of peppers and basil or duck confit and foam of mozzarella. Now, we are getting hungry.

Address: Ondříčkova 17
Hours: Mon-Sat: 09:00-22:00 // Sun: 09:00-21:00


To wrap this up, these are Miss Sophie’s favorite cafes around Vinohrady for brunch, lunch, coffee or anything in-between! What makes each of them special but also unites them – is passion ! Passion for treating their customers well – and serving the best food! Miss Sophie knows for sure how important this aspect is for the travelers as she, herself provides a welcoming place in which her guests are individually attended to and experience a sense of delight. It would be a pleasure if you find in these lovely spots your favourite one and share your experience with us! We love talking about food.

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