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Who is Miss Sophie

Miss Sophie. Why this name? The inspiration for the concept of Miss Sophie’s (and Sir Toby’s) was Miss Sophie from a short sketch from the German television show, “Dinner for One”, filmed with British comedians Freddie Frinton and May Warden in 1963. Since then, the sketch has been broadcast on New Year’s Eve not only in Germany but also in Scandinavia, Austria, Australia, and South Africa.

Most of all, it is popular with the family of Mathias Schwender, our owner, who is behind the creation of Miss Sophie’s hotels and the whole BOHO CO. Furthermore, the name of the one and only Sir Toby’s hostel (the very first BOHO CO property) is linked to the name of his brother, Tobias.

The scene presents the 90th birthday of Miss Sophie, a high-society English lady, who organizes a festive dinner every year for her friends Mr.Pomeroy, Mr.Winterbottom, Sir Toby, and Admiral von Schneider. The only problem is that due to Miss Sophie’s old age, she has outlived all her friends. So, she and her servant James pretend to have dinner with the invited guests.

For us, Miss Sophie is first and foremost a passionate hostess. On New Year’s Eve, she loves organizing lavish dinners for her best friends but her hospitality is manifested throughout the year as well. She is caring and loving but she does not like becoming the centre of attention. Yet you can see her footprints everywhere, when designing interiors, preparing breakfast buffets, or in the warmth with which her staff welcomes the guests. After visiting many foreign countries herself, from Estonia to India and to Zanzibar, Sophie can very well understand the needs of all travellers. Sit with her for a good cup of tea, grab one of her home-made cakes, and let her tell you her stories.

We are pleased that we can pass on the message of Miss Sophie thanks to the hospitality and provision of space where all travellers and adventurers can meet.

What are the typical Miss Sophie’s features? Sophie has an eye for design. She is inspired by great Nordic styles and cosiness which is always important to her. She loves arts and crafts and is not afraid to create a new piece of original furniture. Moreover, she also likes buying antiques.

We imagine that her favourite flowers are red poppies and that she loves riding an old bicycle in the Moravian countryside (when staying in the Olomouc hotel). Sophie sometimes stops at one of the vineyards to pick up a few bottles of Kerner or Muscat for her guests. Besides sweet wines, she likes freshly ground coffee and old rum, which she enjoys best surrounded by her friends and travellers in her bar or café. In the new hotel at the train station, her business-traveller spirit is reflected, and we see her just arriving by train to Prague to arrange important meetings. She can also relax in the wellness area, which she designed based on her own experiences, and where she can check on the hotel where her hospitality began. She also likes “catching a word” with her neighbours, for which her gallery hotel in Žižkov is perfect.

Also, maybe you would meet her on a walk through Vyšehrad where she strolls with her bulldog, Pomeroy (you can see him at Sophie’s hostel). And yes, you can find some tips for walks based on the Miss Sophie’ taste in our custom maps, which you get at Reception.

Enjoy your stay at Miss Sophie’s!