Olomouc city

Why Visit Olomouc?

The time seems to pass much more slowly in Olomouc. Nobody is in a hurry on the streets and the historic centre is compact enough to walk comfortably everywhere. Miss Sophie’s is just a stone’s throw from Upper Square (Horní náměstí)! The beauty of the streets of Olomouc can be compared with those of Prague, however, what they are unreachable is their intimate atmosphere without large crowds of tourists.

Olomouc is one of the most remarkable towns in Moravia, yet easily accessible from Prague. The historic streets (which even R.E.M. sings about), student bustle, rich cultural life, and peaceful large parks make the town a place to return.

holy trinity column Olomouc

Olomouc & UNESCO

After Prague, it is the second oldest and largest protected monument zone in the Czech Republic. Moreover, you will also find UNESCO World Heritage Sites there: the Holy Trinity Column (Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice), the Marian Column (Mariánský sloup) and the Baroque fountains in Upper (Horní) and Lower Square (Dolní náměstí). On the town hall building, you can admire the peculiar “constructional” heliocentric astronomical clock, an example of socialist realism in architecture. The original astronomical clock was destroyed during World War II.

Olomouc city

Archbishop’s Olomouc

Olomouc is also the seat of the Archbishop, which explains the existence of several amazing religious monuments…

St. Wenceslas Cathedral (Katedrála svatého Václava)

The locals refer to it as to St. Wenceslas Dome. It is located just a few steps from our hotel. At the entrance to Wenceslas Square, you will be surprised by the enormity of the building. The cathedral made history when King Wenceslas III, the last male descendant of the royal Přemyslid family, was assassinated here in 1306.

Archdiocesan Museum (Arcidiecézní muzeum)
This museum in the neighborhood of the Dome focuses on the legacy of spiritual culture. It is also interesting in terms of architectural design – it includes a Romanesque palace of Moravian bishops. The former castle, chapter deanery, and farmyard have been reconstructed.

Church of St. Michael (Kostel svatého Michala)

It may look quite ordinary from the outside but do not be fooled. Its dramatic interior will take your breath away! Intricate details and dark frescoes create a mystical atmosphere, which is completed by a modest flow of light streaming into the nave. You should not miss the belfry from which you can see the brick roofs and spikes of towers, emerging from the flood of red like thorns.

Sophies Cafe at Olomouc

Sophie’s Gastronomic Suggestions

Olomouc is a prime example of a place for “café loafers.” This is mainly due to Palacký University (Univerzita Palackého) and its students, without whom the town would not be the same. In recent years, restaurants have appeared in Olomouc that are visited by the food lovers from near and far.

Sophie’s Café
Our café is the first place to try on your arrival at the hotel. Breakfast is served there, too, and is open to the public as well. In the warm months, you can use the courtyard garden. At the coffee bar, we serve coffee from La Bohéme coffee roasters, and our renowned waffles or baked treats are a perfect match for it.

Kafe jak lusk
You can find this café at Třída Svobody, and as the name suggests, coffee matters here. They will also prepare delicious fresh juices, desserts, and meatless delicacies for you.

If you are wondering what student life looks like at a former Jesuit college mixed with an art centre and distinctive modern gastronomy, then head to the bistro bar just a short way from Miss Sophie.

If you like nightlife, then go to the “Masné Krámy” passage in Lower Square (Dolní náměstí). You will certainly find something fun there.

This is a unique restaurant that elevates food to an experience. The open kitchen has a lush garden and offers a “unique offer for a unique guest.”. Let yourself be tempted by the menu of chef Přemek Forejt.

Long Story Short
Around the corner from Miss Sophie’s, there is the friendly Long Story Short hostel in the historic Podkova building. You can enjoy your own mix of coffee at the local bistro, and in summer, you will certainly not get bored viewing the open-air cinema on the terrace.

Olomouc city park

Green Olomouc

When exploring Olomouc, do not miss out on its parks. About seventy-five per cent of the town centre is surrounded by greenery. The largest park is Bezruč Gardens (Bezručovy sady), where you will also find a botanical garden, a cycling path, and a small stream where you can cool off your tired legs after a long day. On the west side, look for Smetana Gardens (Smetanovy sady), known mainly for the Flora Olomouc Exhibition Centre (Výstaviště Flora Olomouc).

Bouzov castle Czech Republic

Sophie's Outings

With Children to the Zoo
If you have extra time, take a trip to Svatý Kopeček near Olomouc, easily accessible by public transport from the main station. The zoo covers 42.5 hectares and is home to more than 300 animal species. The zoo specializes in giraffes, African species, northern fauna, and marine life. A rarity is the giant shark aquarium – the largest of its kind in the country. Another attraction is the 32-metre high observation tower.

With Friends to Breweries
In Olomouc, you will find several excellent microbreweries. The first is Chomout which brews its beer just a few kilometres from Olomouc (and which we tap in our Sophie’s café). A part of the brewery is also an inn. You will certainly be interested in the original names of the unfiltered beers Něžná Bára (Tender Barbara) and Režná Bára (Rough Barbara). Other local breweries worth a try include Moritz, St. Wenceslas Brewery (Svatováclavský pivovar), or Kosíř beer.

The Haná Gold
The local speciality is Olomoucké tvarůžky, mature, strongly aromatic cheese that is especially loved by gentlemen. Served with bread and onion or chives, it is a real delicacy but it may not appeal to everyone. Go to nearby Loštice and visit the local cheese bistro and patisserie – you will not see anything else like it!

Bouzov Castle
Bouzov Castle lies within driving distance from Olomouc. Its romantic architecture with battlements, oriels, loopholes and gargoyles has attracted many filmmakers of fairy tales. One such film is “Princess Jasnenka and the Flying Shoemaker” (O Princezně Jasněnce a létajícím ševci).

Olomouc Christmas market

There is Always Something Happening in Olomouc

Christmas markets
Olomouc is inherently associated with its renowned Christmas markets, and above all, the best-mulled wine you can imagine. The locals truly care about its production, so park your car and just enjoy the magical atmosphere with the smell of cinnamon and warm wine.

Upper Square (Horní náměstí) hosts free concerts for the public all year round – most often during the Czech May holidays (May 1 and May 8), and in autumn as a part of the European Heritage Days (Dny evropského dědictví) project. Autumn is also marked by a festival of spiritual music. If you want to experience a campus atmosphere, then visit the Sklub or Jazz Tibet Club.

Besides the Divadelní Flora, the unique Festival of AFO Scientific Films and the PAF Animated Film Show are held in Olomouc in cooperation with the local university. You may also be interested in Olomouc Coffee Day (Olomoucký den kávy) or the Garden