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Rediscover Wellness at Miss Sophie’s (EN)

Rediscover Wellness at Miss Sophie’s (EN)

Sophie is truly welcoming and caring for her guests. It is important for her to see approving smiles on happy faces, as that would mean that she is on the right path to be an amazing host. She is always in search of ways to make her guests feel at home far away from home. She was thinking for a while what would make the stay in Miss Sophie’s even more individual and appealing to the customers. She got it then, a private wellness where guests can immerse in another form of leisure after the long and intense day of exploring sights and Czech culture.

Did you know that the Czech Republic is one of the countries that have most significantly contributed to the development and global importance of spas?

Czech spas developed the most during the 18th to 20th centuries. During this time, many spas were completely reconstructed into a new art form, which is now typical for Czech spas. Many houses and spa hotels were built in a neoclassical, neo-Renaissance or Art Nouveau style, adding to the overall charm and beauty of the spas. A day trip from Prague will take you to the romantic spa town – Karlovy Vary. Take a stroll along the elegant colonnades where curative thermal springs are located, book your special spa treatment in of the famous hotels and plan to visit International Film Festival that is held in Karlovy Vary in July.

Miss Sophies Wellness

In case you do not feel like traveling outside of Prague to get the sense of serenity, Sophie would happily introduce you to her new little treasure – wellness. It was built in Miss Sophie’s in 2018, which is a divine treat for your body and soul. Before, this place used to be a breakfast area for Miss Sophie’s guests, which was then moved to Sophie’s Hostel across the street. Our future wellness spot was left empty as a storage for a while before the new idea came up. Descend the spiral staircase, leave your cares behind, and let the pampering begin! The luxurious Miss Sophie’s SPA features a spacious private room for exclusive sessions.

Miss Sophies Wellness

In Japanese, Zen refers to Buddhist meditation, so it’s no surprise that Zen-style interiors put an emphasis on tranquillity, harmony, and relaxation that is why Sophie chose exactly this style of interior. To keep a subdued monastic atmosphere, Zen-style is filled with earthy colours features a variety of natural textures, as brick, wood, and stone, to bring character to space. The spa also offers adequate space for relaxing with lounge wooden chairs, super soft blankets, refreshments (tea, water, juice) and much more.

Sophie pays special attention to the small details. This is why the design of the wellness was chosen to also highlight the specifics of Miss Sophie’s character with the quirky details. Hangers in form of little chairs, wooden dispensers and many other distinctive little things. You may also remind yourself of an ice bucket challenge.

Miss Sophies Wellness

The services are chosen for their exclusive high quality, organic purity, and effectiveness; At first, you can dive into the warm water of our jacuzzi with hydromassage that you can adjust to your preferences and get your muscles fully relaxed. Then relieve yourself in the infrared sauna that has the direct heating effect on your body. Recommended temperature is 45 degrees, in case you are a Finnish sauna lover, then you can increase it to 55 degrees.

Miss Sophies Wellness

You may as well adjust the lightning to your preferred colour. Sophie recommends taking a cold shower or ice bucket straight after sauna as it has a rejuvenating effect on your skin and improves the blood flow. Follow then to the chill out zone where you can cool off on the wooden long chair and listen to some meditative music of your choice before going to sauna again.

The cosmetics are made with exotic components and selected herbs and contain high-quality ingredients from plants, blossoms, and fruits.

It is advised to arrive at Sophie’s Wellness 15 minutes before your appointment to familiarize yourself with the spa and to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea to start your relaxation process. You are provided with towels, bathrobes, and sheets for the sauna. Isn’t it a relief that all you have to do is show up?

guests at Miss Sophies Wellness

The competent team at Sophie’s, which went through intensive training will be glad to assist you in your needs. Please inform us in case of high blood pressure, heart problems, physical problems, and diseases or pregnancy so they can adjust the SPA treatment for you. Miss Sophie’s Spa is open daily from 9 A.M. till 10:30 P.M. to everyone who longs for some relaxation time. Our private sessions last 90 minutes (for up to 3 people). The cost of one session is 1500 CZK, you may also prolong it.

In order to make a booking for wellness, you are more than welcome to write an email to or give a call to +420 210 011 200.

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