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Location and Transportation Tips

How do I get to Miss Sophie’s from the airport, train stations, or bus stations?

For specific directions, please go to our directions page. Miss Sophie’s also recommends our Transport Service to and from the Prague airport. See our Transport Service page for more information.

How does public transportation work in Prague?

The basic principle is that tickets are purchased and validated with a time-stamp by punching them in the little yellow machines located on the tram or on the bus or before entering the metro. Tickets are time-based (30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours) and can be purchased from the yellow machines in the metro or at some tram stops (coins only), from most newspaper and tobacco shops or at Miss Sophie’s reception.

In buses, which mostly run in the less central parts of town, tickets can also be bought from the driver, though they are slightly more expensive. If you have a Czech mobile phone, you can buy a 90-minute transfer ticket by sending “DPT” to 9020626.

The metro runs from 5am to midnight. Depending on the day and time, metros can be 3-9 minutes apart. Day trams also operate from 5am to midnight. From midnight to 5am, you can catch a night tram on most high-traffic tram routes, as well as night buses. Night trams (and only night trams) are numbered in the 50s (i.e., 51, 52, etc.) and the number is marked in a different colour on the schedules.

The most common ticket types are:

• 24 CZK (30 minutes, one mode of transportation)
• 32 CZK (90 minutes, multiple modes of transportation)
• 110 CZK (24 hour pass, unlimited use of public transportation)

Can you pick me up at the airport?

Miss Sophie’s recommends our transport service which is offered at a fair rate. We are reliable, friendly and you always pay a set price (1-3 people for 550 CZK total, 4-8 people for 880 CZK total). To book please visit our Transport Service page.

How is Prague for taking a taxi?

In general, taxis have a bad reputation in Prague due to dishonest drivers using various tricks to overcharge their passengers. The city has been trying to fight this problem by installing taxi stands and performing spot checks. The situation has improved, but it’s best to be careful by using an established and reputable company like AAA RadioTaxi or CityTaxi. They offer fair rates and the operators speak English. Call 14014 for AAA
or try using our Transport Service.

How close is Miss Sophie’s to the main Prague attractions?

Close indeed! We are conveniently located just 5 minutes by foot from Vaclavske Namesti (Wenceslas Square) and the National Museum. Old Town Square is about a 15 minute walk away. From Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge is an additional 5 minute walk away.

Where is the closest parking garage to Miss Sophie’s?

There is a secure 24 hour parking garage located within walking distance of Miss Sophie’s. Parking spaces are available at a discounted rate of 500 CZK per day.The best thing would be for you to park in front of Miss Sophie’s to drop off your things. At that time our receptionist can point out the parking garage for you.

Central Parking Prague
Karlovo náměstí 15, Praha 2
+420 725 395 877

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